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forum smashing forum smashing

Rated 1 / 5 stars


Well done for sucking enough to try and redeem yourself. I believe though, that as an act of spotaneousity, you should be somewhat forgiven. But do not expect me to associate with you anymore, you insipid little child. And please, before you try to mock us, acknowledge that our forum, and our group is much better without your childish attention-seeking habits. As for your flash, I'm sure you know that most of us only rated you highly because you were a member of our flash group, and also because we pitied you? I believe that, on a whole, none of us ever liked your flash, or your artwork. So please, illuminate me - why are you still breathing?

Chaos-fox responds:

you took your time to make a well thought out hate review, i respect that =D

Want You Bad Collab XD Want You Bad Collab XD

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Why did you resubmit it?

You’re so incredibly conceited and I dislike you. Just to get that out of the way. I shall try to mark without basing my ideas around that though (I still dislike you.)
Well, as you stated before ‘to let n00bs work with’ then I forget the rest and can’t be bothered to click back again. Basically, you were being an idiot and suggesting that this collab’ was used to introduce people who were new at flash to elitist fucks, no offence Dan or Grant something or other. To be honest, with all the bigging-up you gave Grantafaloon (?) or whatever the fudge his name is, I thought his part would be better, and it wasn’t. It bore no relevance to the song at all… And was pretty sucky, really, he didn’t put much effort in. Dan did quite well, but still, after you forced the fourth part out of him, you could tell he didn’t want to do anymore (don’t deny it.)
I apologise, but I don’t think this was worth a daily fifth, or daily anything, to be honest. ‘Daily shitpile,’ maybe. Nothing else. Don’t get me wrong, I think the animation was fairly good, a few parts lacking (why the hell did James’ part involve anal se- No, I don’t want to know) in stature, but a standard fairly high throughout. I’m still rather angry that you didn’t recolor my art or remove it like I asked, and think you’re a fucking asshole, but what can I say. You can’t deny the truth, no? Hmm..
Anyway, you picked a damn good song. Maybe that’s why it’s over-rated, who knows? I don’t know why you resubmitted, though… It sucked first and it sucked after. And you didn’t half fuck up Ultra’s part, first time.
Hah, I averaged the scores…. 6 graphics, 10 sound, 2 interactivity, 1 style, 0 violence, 1 humor, and you got 3.3 recurring. The standards of the dailies have really gone down, don’t you think?
The worst thing is, you offered to recolor my picture (even though you colored it and made it shit in the first place) in return for me reviewing you ten.... Goddamn.
I’m going to go sit on my bed and cast fucking hexes on you now, or something of the sorts. If it harms you, it’s good enough for me. I probably shouldn’t’ve typed that, but I did. Hang me.

Dogzin responds:

i am VERY disapointed with GRANFALOON's part too - he was the last person to make his part - i didnt big it up - i just said he was AMAZNIG and we expecting something MUCH better myself and what do you know about Dan Dark Amber? - he said to ME -have you got any more parts left - ill forward the email if you want - ask on the NB also his parts arent in chrological order so how can you tell he didnt want to do the LAST one? also this DID deserve daily 5th - and the people of newgrounds think so too AND I DID RE COULER YOUR FUCKING PART AMBER FFS!WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT - IT LOOKED BETTER IN #FFCC99 anyway! your couler quite sucks.

And over-rated i dont think so - i actually think this is UNDER RATED - and i know alot more about flash/animation/newgrounds/th e portal than you
BLAMS: Involved in the termination of 1 crappy entries.
SAVES: Assisted in the protection of 2 quality entries.

and level one!!!!!!!! lmao

shows what you know about anything,

and CASUALTY "FUCKED UP" Ultra's part not me.

LOLOLOLOLOL your going to HEX ME!?!

that HAS to be one of the funniest things ive heard in a while, in the words of Becca, "geez, she reads ONE spell book and thinks she's OSIRIS or something" AND you sound like a big baby anyway - waaaaaaaah im gunna sit on my bed and wish you went away <boo fucking hoo>

see, this review was COMPLETELY uncalled for - and most of it wasnt the truth - you just like to cause arguments - its not me - all i did was make a GOOD flash and you were mega jelouas i got daily 5th when you cant get on newgrounds

<isnt sure what you did in 2000 frame montage - maybe trace an image or something?> meh, thats over rated and it stole the draw FBF draw it infront of your eyes style

all in all YOURS was BY FAR the worst part - and i did you a FAVOUR by letting you in - style 1 well thats just not true and overall 3? lmao!

dont you have BETTER things to do on BOXING DAY - like go away or something please =]

2000 frame montage 2000 frame montage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yay ^^

Hmmmm, if I could actually work flash I'd've done my own parts with the frame-by-framing of each line... But what can't be helped can't be helped. I think it turned own quite well.
Style, Dogzin? What is style? You have no claim to style, love. Well done, you've made either: A. a collaboration. THAT'S never been done before, of course, so it's definately your style. B. Stealing my art without my direct permission and recoloring it like you've never seen a female body before. I have to admit, I really really love that style, Dogzin. C. Shit. Speaks for itself.
Xenothingy, I think you're being too harsh... Although it isn't the most finely toned of things, it's not crappy (like most of Dogzin's flash) either. The art wasn't that bad, you really gave us a very unfair mark for that. Perhaps you were going on the frame-by-frame instead of the finished product? If not, I'd love for you to send me a message and tell me what was wrong with my art (which I'm sure you can identify between because of the different art styles - I draw the strange looking women with long eyelashes, FireNuke draws the more cute-sy animé.)
JohnGames, it was NOT - I repeat, NOT blammed before: FireNuke removed it himself. It maintained a score of 2.8. Regardless of how 'the audience of NewGrounds' wants things, I think we did the right thing on doing something different than others (fuck you, Dogzin, fuck you)... If you were given exactly the same meal that you liked every single day, you'd grow to hate it eventually, wouldn't you?
Liam, you're an idiot.
Snow, thankyou! Umm... Well, go and watch 'Teh Magic RPG' by FireNuke, that has a story for you. Appetite satiated for am plot, yet?

FireNuke responds:

i hate this review. why? because it contained the word dogzin more then once. i love this review. why? because it explains alot stics up for me and advertises tmrpg!!!1 amber, i love you^^ xeno, WOAH, harsh, dogzin, fuck you sex offender boy. other who insult or fbf ness, go die

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Super Mario Hardcore Super Mario Hardcore

Rated 5 / 5 stars



Casualty responds:


Mr.  T  v.s.  Pokeymon Mr. T v.s. Pokeymon

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Omfg. Wtf. I don't know what the animation is drugged on, but fuck me that kicked a'. Ha.. Hahaha. It did freeze half-way though.

Quiz: How Cool are you? Quiz: How Cool are you?

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I strongly suggest...

That you go throw yourself at a train. This was one of the worst quizzes I have ever taken. Okay, so I was looking through and I thought... 'Okay, yeah, quizzes fucken suck but I'll give it a chance, you know, maybe it's okay.' How wrong I was. What the fork has 'X's got to do with being or not being cool? This is jsut another judgemental piece of crap, and I hope you format your computer and lose it.

You, my friend, completely, and utterly suck.

Recent Audio Reviews

The promise of tomorrow The promise of tomorrow

Rated 4 / 5 stars


What this song sounds like. It sounds like an old one, but I remember not which... Very repetitive, but I like repetitive. Some people will mark you down for that, though. I like it, SIi, I like it.

the bored song1 the bored song1

Rated 1 / 5 stars


No offence but... Is it supposed to cure the boredom or cause it?? It's repetitive... The voice is tuneless and... Dull. The beats are... Eh less than average. Back to the drawing board.

Spiderham responds:

exactly, you didnt want to sit there and chill on your computer anymore after the song now did you?